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Mireya (3 colors available)

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  • Materials: Hammered Brass Pendant, Ivory Bone (Ivory), Picasso Jasper (Black), Leopardskin Jasper (Blush), Brass Saucer, Antique Brass Chain, Antique Brass S Hook Clasp
  • Length: 30 inch
  • Collection: Eternal Spring Collection

Imagine that you're wandering the winding, cobblestone streets of Antigua, Guatemala. Your fingers trail along the brightly colored, weathered plaster walls and around every corner, your spirits rise upon seeing bright purple and pink bouganvilla trailing over from hidden courtyards. Each new street feels like a secret kept just for you.

Up ahead, you see a towering creamy white stone church, San Francisco el Grande. Its twisted baroque columns, intricately carved saints and friars looking down from above. Our Mireya Necklace was inspired by these white stone walls, by the history and life that can be felt within their storied ruins.

Price: $48.00

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