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Siren Collection

Inspired by the trinkets and treasures collected by Sirens who lure sailors to crash their ships upon the rocks, the Siren Collection weaves a tale of enchantment and magic.

These jewels feature mixed metals, semi precious stones whose color and labradorescence are reminiscent of the play of light on water, and original organic shaped brass and copper with textured and oxidized patina, which create one of a kind pendants.

The handmade metal beads, faceted stones, freshwater pearls, and coins scattered throughout the collection speak of the lives and stories of the sailors who embarked on their perilous journey at sea. The jewelry created by weaving bits of their history with the collections curated by the Sirens over the years is much like unearthing buried treasure that has been lost to time and the elements.

Each piece is a study in the beauty found in imperfection; to highlight that disparate material can come together to create a striking collection.

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