Hi friend,

My name is Lindsay, although I will answer to Ruby, because everyone assumes that's my name. And that Simon is my business partner/other half/etc. It's not and he isn't, but you can read that story here.

I'm an artist in Nashville, Tennessee that crafts wearable pieces of art for globetrotters and those with an unshakable sense of wanderlust that transport you back to moments, memories, and places. I decided that my mission in life is to be someone who sees the beauty in the world & shares it with others. That's why I created Simon & Ruby in 2008.

  • We need more beauty and magic in our lives.
  • We need more of that euphoric feeling you get when you’re exploring a new place.
  • We need to always live in the wonder you experience when you’re completely out of your element and in awe of the world around you.

So I design and craft my jewelry based not just on a look of a place, but on the feel, the emotion, and the things about it that you only experience by immersing yourself in and absorbing the world around you.

Each piece is a gentle, stylish reminder of a friendly conversation, the fluttering pulse of adventure, the flavor of a new culture, or the awe of the freshly explored. Simon & Ruby jewelry is a link between the experience of a place and a tangible object—a talisman to attach a memory or a feeling to the here and now. When you feel the brush of the earring against your cheek, or the tap of the necklace against your chest, or the hug of a bracelet as it slides up your arm, you relive your journey.

xo, Lindsay

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