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inspired by the world, handcrafted in nashville, tn

Designer Lindsay Farrer created Simon & Ruby out of a story of loss and yearning, that of her great-grandmother Ruby, who lost her first love Simon to the distance, and eventually the casualty, of war. Ruby's longing for Simon was vast but delicate, one born of the understanding that part of her heart would always live somewhere else. That nostalgia, the need to return to the people and places of our past, was familiar to Lindsay. It often washed over her like homesickness, a yearning not for an address she left behind, but for the experiences of her travels.

The Simon & Ruby line of fashion jewelry is inspired by wanderlust and the sweet agony of missing a place. Lindsay designs her handmade jewelry for globetrotters and those with an unshakable sense of wanderlust, for the free spirits and the wanderers who know that exquisite aching all too well. She creates unique jewelry, objects of beauty that are more than tokens of travels for the wanderesses who wear them. They are wistful reminders that our hearts can live in many places, sometimes all at once.


Lindsay Farrer – Owner/Lead Designer

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Lindsay Farrer is the artisan behind Simon & Ruby. She created the line of American handmade jewelry in 2008. Her unique jewelry designs feature high-quality stones, beads and pendants that are hammered and stamped by hand. Throughout the year, Simon & Ruby partners with various charitable organizations with 5 percent of sales going to World Vision, a humanitarian organization that works with children and families worldwide to tackle poverty and injustice.

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